A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Strip Lashes are always the topic of discussion when it comes to getting beautified! Well maybe not so much due to lash extensions being in demand butttttt let's face it not everyone is able to keep up with the maintenance of Lash Extensions. 

So I feel it is necessary to give my suggestion on what to use to make this an easier option when running out the door for work, going to a event, or maybe you just like the look of longer fuller lashes.

I have added eyeliner adhesive to my site to assist people who are consistently making a mess while trying to apply drugstore eyelash glue. Strip lash glue tends to get all over your hands, bathroom sink and you eyelid is full of guk just to not even wear the dog gone lashes. It's pretty simple if you are able to make a line using eyeliner on your eyelid you will be able to do the same and your BonnyBe strip lashes will adhere at ease. This is less stressful and with minimal practice I am confident you will hit it out the park right away! 

A Few Reasons I wear Strip Lashes over Extensions (this may change for a special occasions lol):

1. I cannot keep up with Lash Extensions.

2. I do a self care Sunday skin care routine and add creams to my eyes.

3. I have allergies. 

4. I am a rough sleeper.


Thank You

photo credit: Fernando Nuso

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