Inexpensive Lash Recliners

Inexpensive Lash Recliners

Hello Fellow Lash Techs,

Are you torn between a Lash Bed and a Lash Recliner? 

Well I was where you are. I Wanted to make more space for myself because when I became a lash artist I cluttered my room with lash supplies very quickly. I noticed several lash techs were switching over to recliners. Recliners can be very expensive ranging from 300-1000 dollars. I wasn’t 100% sure that this was what my clients would be most comfortable in. I went on a search on Amazon of course and I was able to find a recliner for only $100, this was too good to be true. It looked very small and I assumed it could hold no weight. What did I have to lose so I purchased it. 

The company Homall shipped out my recliner and I received it in two days. It literally was a two piece hookup and freed up so much space. I used it on 10 clients before deciding if I wanted to keep it. 

The only issues I had was it wasn't high enough this seems to be a common issue for all recliners. You may build a small platform to put underneath. I am embarrassed to say It was so light I placed my closed lash bed under it lol I do not recommend that at all. 

Overall this was a great buy and very inexpensive I would recommend trying this before spending a large amount on a recliner oh did I mention it has a massage remote. Your clients will fall right to sleep. 

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Thank You


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